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  • Will my order be delivered to my door?
    While delivery should arrive directly to your door, in some cases (P.O. box, military address etc) you may receive notification to collect from a local delivery point. This is dependent on your local postal authority.
  • How will my image be placed within my chosen design?
    The image you upload is placed with the same design spirit you selected.
  • When should I order?
    As Silverset’s cutlery holder undergoes a complex production process, per each order, we highly recommend placing your order about two weeks prior to delivery. With this time frame, you can expect to be prepared for your special event for which you’ve made the order. Rest assured that there will be no delay exceeding 10 days and confidently expect your arrival at the desired delivery destination.
  • What process is used to include the napkin?
    Each napkin is mechanically placed inside the cutlery holder to ensure that no contact takes place within the printing and production processes. This ensures the cutlery holder and napkin are 100% free of any contaminants.
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